H.R and employment oppurtunities

Human Resource management (HR) is currently the fastest growing corporate sector and has

been for some years.

This growth has been driven by many factors especially the fears of litigation by

employees. The various legal jurisdictions across Australia are up to two years behind in the

listing of workplace relations matters and the pandemic has only exacerbated this state of


HR’s potential for value adding to the ability to improve productivity and employment

opportunities are significant if those in management embrace a best practice approach.

Policies and Procedures are the cornerstone of the HR system and all too often not

implemented or ignored. Additionally, many line managers make arbitrary decisions regarding

procedures thereby exposing the organisation to risk.

An examination of decisions in legal jurisdictions across the country will verify this matter.

Digital transformation enables management to not only implement Policy and Procedures

across the organisation but also ensure acknowledgment of such by all employees as well as

accountability in procedural disciplines.

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