Mindfulness in Occupational Health and Safety.

Mindfulness is an everyday term nowadays as a result of social media in general discussion. However, its significance in the workplace is very important especially in terms of OH&S. Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS) are an integral component of a safe work environment but if an employee is somewhere else in his mind while physically carrying out the steps in the process “Lookout “ This mental aspect of safe working is not emphasised enough to ensure awareness as to its importance. Workplace groups of employees should constantly remind each other to be mindful in order to stay safe. Supervisors and team leaders should also press the matter at regular intervals. Do not take anything for granted in the work environment. Success in sports relies upon focusing on the execution of the skills base. Why is workplace activity any different? The price paid for a wandering mind in both sport and the workplace is the same. Loss of health and income opportunities!

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