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Main Practice Areas and Expertise

Federal and State Codes of Compliance for the Building and Construction Industry.
Change Management.
Board Governance and Effectiveness.
Industrial Relations, Mediation and Arbitration.
Conflict Management ( Workplace interpersonal Conflict ).
Strategic Procurement.
Advising on the Practicalities of Clients introducing
Standards of Performance and Expectations.
Preparation of Occupational Health and Safety Systems (Participative and Preventative).
Human Resource Management

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Human Resource( HR ) is the latest title for Industrial Relations,Occupational Health & Safety and employment issues.HR is an industry in it's own right with many law firms providing specialist services including Webinars on various topics as there are complex legalities involved.





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Gerald Fanning Consultancy Services PTY LTD

Gerald currently is Managing Director of Gerald Fanning Consulting Services Pty Ltd. Gerald established the business in 1989, in order to act as a consultant to address what he saw as a fundamental flaw in management responses to a number of factors pertaining to the relationship between employers and employees.
Prior to 1989, Gerald had worked as a member of the Senior Executive Service of Victorias Public Service from 1982 to 1988.
From 1977 – 82 Gerald worked as an organiser for the Victorian Branch of the Federated Miscellaneous Workers Union following several years of work as a tradesman in the metal trades and construction industries.

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