Procedure Rock- A human resources management system.

PR has been developed as a response to what the author perceives of workplace culture on a day to day basis, while providing a service to clients across industries in all aspects of HR.

Further, the lack of due process in management activities regarding employees in counselling, disciplinary matters and work performance and conduct requires a system where each step in the process is acknowledged by team leaders. Likewise, the employee(s) concerned would be acknowledging the policy steps taken and would have the ability to raise any concerns.

The author has acted for both employers and employees in unfair dismissals and adverse action cases. They are on the increase in Australia to the extent that there is now a lengthy waiting list at Fair Work and other legal jurisdictions.

The costs to Australian businesses is in the hundreds of millions.

While many of these matters settle prior to a hearing it does not alter the fact that if due process occurred following valid reasons for the steps taken, there would be no case to answer.

This discipline will not prevent disgruntled employees “trying one on” so to speak, however if the due process was fully implemented and acknowledged by the employee(s) it would not proceed beyond application, as all jurisdictions examine the applicants chance of success based on the evidence submitted.

Procedure Rock is designed for all matters related to HR.

Policies and Procedures once implemented have a unique acknowledgement feature requiring activation at each step-in order for strict adherence.

It is this internal dynamic that reinforces a compliant culture. In this manner, the organisations cultural values are evident to all involved and the records of all issues subject to Policy and Procedures are readily available.

Procedure Rock provides the ability to manage all your compliance requirements through one simple platform which empowers your business to create, cultivate and strengthen your own compliance culture through user customised compliance policies and procedures.

Subscribers have fully integrated management support 24 hours a day.

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